Wyoming Children‘s Justice Project

SANE Training

Review of sample questions for trial with sample of court trial transcript. How to prepare for Court including, attire, trial prep, article review and documentation. Wyoming Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program update- how to become trained, remain current and resources for current SANE's around state.

Using Neuroscience and Social Services to Break the Cycle of Addiction

Part 2 of 2.  Despite the fact that incidence of substance use disorders has been increasing in an escalating cycle of trauma and despair passed from parents to children, recent findings point to specific opportunities for effective prevention and intervention.  Join Dr. Griesel and Paul DiLorenzo in this second half of their presentation on working with parents with substance abuse concerns.

The 7 Habits of Highly Stressful People

We all know stress is bad for our growing bellies, bottoms and shrinking bottom lines. Stacy gives a hilarious take on being a “Professional Stresspert" -especially during a pandemic. Diagnosed with PTSD after almost dying several times, Stacy shares 7 stress habits to successfully sabotage you and your co-workers’ productivity and quality of life. You will laugh, identify with the 7 habits of highly stressful people, and walk away with some practical “de-stressing” tips based on physiology and mindset, as well as practical tips on getting along with difficult people.

Trauma Screening and Response

The Pediatric Traumatic Stress Care Process Model has been developed to provide frontline pediatric settings with the capacity to identify, assess and determine the correct next steps for children who have been abused or experienced other forms of trauma. The model has been designed to work in both primary care and Children's Advocacy Centers (CAC), and has been used successfully over 15,000 times in Utah, Wyoming and in several other centers across the country.

The presentation will provide an overview of the model, some practical examples that highlight the utility and added benefit of using the model, and share pilot data from both primary care and CAC settings.

Increasing Access and Decreasing Barriers for Mental Health Services Through Telehealth

The presenters will talk about their statewide telehealth collaborative and how it has increased access and decreased barriers for mental health services for child victims in a rural area of North Dakota.

In addition, they will also discuss what is required to obtain a successful telehealth program and what requirements are necessary to sustain it.

The What, How, and Why of Addiction

Part 1 of 2.  Dr. Judy Grisel and Paul DiLorenzo will discuss working with parents with substance abuse concerns, specifically addressing when the use of addictive drugs become a problem, when it does, why can't people just "stop", and what does biomedical consensus have to say about the abstinence model of recovery. 

Practice Standards: Ethical Practice Beyond the Rules of Professional Conduct

Ethics presentations for attorneys often stick to the basics-- the Rules of Professional Conduct.  But there are other ethical guideposts for attorneys to consider-- practice standards published by federal and state agencies.  This presentation will explore the ethical obligations of attorneys in child welfare cases by using practice standards to show the way.

Opening Ceremony

Changing Child Welfare Must Start with Changing How We View Families

The session will explore a fundamental truth in child welfare - changing the system must start with changing how we view the families we serve.  The presenters will share their personal journeys with the system and then will discuss their vision for the future of child welfare, the role families play in that vision and concrete steps that stakeholders can take to create a world in which families and the child welfare community can partner together to serve children.  

Conducting Victim Centered Human Trafficking Operations

This session will provide law enforcement with the understanding and tools needed to conduct cost-effective sting operations and follow-up investigations using minimal manpower. Attendees will learn how to locate potential victims of human trafficking, how to utilize victim-centered investigative techniques, and how to successfully rescue victims. Attendees will participate in simulated, online sting operations targeting the recovery of victims and the accountability of traffickers involved in street trafficking, online trafficking, and Illicit Massage Businesses.

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