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Interacting with Children and Youth in the Justice System Who May be Experiencing Mental, Substance Use, and Traumatic Stress Conditions

July 9, 2020

This is a presentation from the 2020 Wyoming Joint Symposium on Children and Youth.  This presentation is a brief overview of the Mental Health Training for Juvenile Justice (MHT-JJ) . This session is for professionals who work with children, youth and/or adults involved in the justice system to help them better understand the effects this involvement may have on them. The MHT-JJ increases knowledge of adolescent development, child trauma and adolescent behavioral health conditions to help staff develop an understanding of how these issues may affect youth-staff interactions. Many juveniles and young adults are experiencing behavioral health conditions or traumatic stress reactions and juvenile justice involvement can exacerbate a youth’s condition.  Presenters are Kai-Ley Wilson Herb and Jamie Eaton.